Services for next of kin relating to mental health and substance abuse

There are many next of kin centres and organisations with a high level of expertise providing support and advice to next of kin. Their services are free and you do not need a referral.

Bilde av en kvinne som snakker på telefon

General practitioners (GPs)

Find out the name of your GP here (log-in required) or call the helpline on 23 32 70 00.

Family welfare offices across the country

The family welfare offices can provide guidance and advice to help you deal with various types of family challenges and crises. Find your local family welfare office here (in Norwegian).

Next of kin centres

The next of kin centres offer a range of services aimed at next of kin. Many of them offer guidance (by telephone or physical attendance), courses and the chance to join a group with other next of kin.

Learning and coping centres

Learning and coping services help to give people facing long-term health challenges and their next of kin greater insight and ability to cope with their own life situation.

Voluntary services for users and next of kin

  • (in Norwegian) A chatroom for people who have a mother, father or loved one with substance abuse problems.
  • Kompasset (in Norwegian) Therapy and advice to young people aged 14 to 35 who have a parent with alcohol problems.
  • Familieklubbene i Norge (in Norwegian) Service for people with substance abuse-related problems and their next of kin. The main focus is on alcohol.
  • Al-Anon (in Norwegian) Help for family and friends of alcoholics.
  • Pårørendehuset (in Norwegian) is the Salvation Army’s service for next of kin of people facing challenges linked to mental health and substance abuse. Located in Oslo, Harstad and Tønsberg.

User and next of kin organisations within substance abuse and mental health

  • A-larm (in Norwegian) Nationwide user and next of kin organisation within the field of substance abuse.
  • ADHD Norge (in Norwegian)
  • ATROP (in Norwegian) is a user organisation and low-threshold service for individuals and families who have experienced sexual, physical and mental abuse/violation, or who are next of kin, an addict and/or struggling with mental health problems.
  • Landsforeningen for pårørende innen psykisk helse (in Norwegian) Nationwide non-profit interest and user organisation for next of kin in the field of mental health.
  • Landsforbundet mot stoffmisbruk (in Norwegain) Norway’s largest next of kin organisation by and for next of kin of addicts.
  • MARBORG (in Norwegian) User organisation in the field of substance abuse.
  • Mental Helse (in Norwegian) National resource centre for user and next of kin information.
  • Barn av rusmisbrukere (in Norwegian) User and interest organisation for children of all ages.

Regional user-led centres

Responsibility for the user training programmes rests with the user and next of kin organisations and the regional user-led centres. The regional centres are responsible for developing and managing various user training programmes. Some also offer services to next of kin.

  • Bikuben regionalt brukerstyrt senter (in Norwegian) – Education service for the whole of Northern Norway which, with the aid of user resources, aims to improve people’s quality of life through encouraging them to take responsibility for their own health and learning.
  • ROM (in Norwegian) - Agder– User-led resource centre within mental health and addiction treatment for the Agder counties.
  • Sagatun - User-led centre Hedmark (in Norwegian) – Regional user-led centre with a focus on strengthening user involvement within the field of mental health and substance abuse through information dissemination, training and courses.
  • Vestavind user-led centre / Knutepunkt for Recovery is located in Sandnes and offers both local and regional services. The centre is diagnosis-independent and open to everyone.
  • Vårres brukerstyrt senter (in Norwegian) – Arena for people with a range ofmental disorders and their next of kin.
  • KBTMidt - Trondheim - Regional user-led centre with a focus on promoting the experiences of users in services, education, research and professional development.


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